This is it. This is how it started.

It baffles me when no one I work with knows why I’m so cool.



I don’t think we have any idea what immigrant mothers give up for us. Give up their country, their family, their entire lives to move across the globe to a country that treats them life dirt because they’re not able to properly pronounce a word, just so their children can have a better life a better education.


me pretty much always


i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me


Hey now, you’re a rockstar. Get your game on

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The point of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

the point of pouring a shit ton of ice water over yourself is because when one suffers from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) one of the affects the disease has is a numbness throughout the body, as well as struggling to breathe, and both these are meant to temporarily happen when doused in freezing water. It’s to raise awareness of what ALS feels like and encourage donations towards research and cures.

judge: did u kill these ppl
me: ya
judge: why
me: for the lulz xD
judge: xD
everyone in the court: xD
my mom: xD



jesus = 5 letters

jarmr = 5 letters

jaagr = 5 letters

coincidence? i think not 


everyone’s a critic 

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Bollywood Beauties + Bindis 

A bindi worn on the forehead is an ancient tradition in Hinduism and has religious significance. It is also sometimes referred to as the third eye and the flame, and it is an auspicious religious and spiritual symbol… It is not meant to be thrown around loosely for seductive effects or as a fashion accessory aiming at mercantile greed.”

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Dont act like you didn’t know this was going to happen sooner or later. 

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I don’t know how to start off but here we go:

There are people who, simply with the face they’re given, manage to feel beautiful and glamorous. I am not one of those people. Ever since I was 15 years old, I’ve loved putting on make up and making myself into the beautiful, uber glam girl I felt I couldn’t be without a little help from cosmetics. And that’s ok. I’m ok with lathering creams on my face and poking myself in the eye with mascara wands and messing up my lipstick for the 40th time. I’m ok with waking up early to do up my face in a way that makes me feel pretty, and I’m ok with knowing that the photo on the left is the face I would wear when I’m feeling pretty, but so is the photo on the right. Because that’s just the way it is. I’m ok with looking like I do in either photo, because it makes me happy.

What I’m not ok with is asshats who think that their elitist “makeup is only for fake girls!!1!1” mentality is ok. I’m not ok with strangers thinking they can police what I do with my face and how I choose to dress it. I’m not ok with people thinking that make up on my face = no intelligence. I’m not ok with people, especially men, telling me I “look sexier without all that crap” because news flash fellas, you’re maybe number 100 on the list of 99 reasons I wear makeup. I’m not ok with girls being told they’re not beautiful one way or another, and I’m not ok with people who feel the need to tell me what to do with the body I’ve been given. Oh and, I am absolutely never, ever ok with people who tell me to stop doing something, even though it’s not hurting anyone and it makes me happy. My happiness is more important to me than your approval.

In conclusion to this “guy at work felt the need to comment on my face” induced rant, the next time you see a person with a face that has something you disapprove of or lacks something you approve of and you feel the need to speak, do us all a favour and don’t.

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Roberto Luongo sent his wife flowers every day until she agreed to go out with him, the least you can do is text me back.

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i love people who’s names tell short stories like luonGO. where did he go? ha ha ha! i don’t know! it was florida

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Remember kids, being a Goth isn’t about the wearing a particular style of clothes or listening to certain types of music…

It’s about ravaging the Balkans, threatening to sack Constantinople, actually sacking Rome and eventually establishing permanent kingdoms in Southern Gaul and the Iberian and Italian Peninsulas.

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*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what